Instalasi OpenVPN Access Server Linux

Pertama sebelum memulai instalasi OpenVPN pastikan iptables sudah diinstall, untuk mengeceknya bisa dengan rpm -q iptables dan untuk OpenVZ vps tun/tabnya harus di enable dulu, tanyakan kepada provider anda.

Download source code OpenVPN Access Server dari

beberapa OS yang di support redhat, centos, ubuntu, fedora, vmware, Windows/Mac/Linux Virtual Appliance, windows VHD

untuk Fedora 64 dan 32 Bit

# 32 bit
# 64 bit

install packet rpm :

yum localinstall openvpn-as-1.8.4-Fedora9.i386.rpm

64 bit

yum localinstall openvpn-as-1.8.4-Fedora9.x86_64.rpm

sesudah itu jalankan


dan akan muncul menu untuk konfigurasi

pada pertanyaan yang muncul :

Please enter ‘yes’ to indicate your agreement [no]:  ketik yes

Will this be the primary Access Server node?
(enter ‘no’ to configure as a backup or standby node)
> Press ENTER for default [yes]: tekan enter atau ketik yes

Please specify the network interface and IP address to be
used by the Admin Web UI:
(1) all interfaces:
(2) eth0: xx.108.110.xx
(3) eth0:0: xx.108.110.85
(4) tun0:
Please enter the option number from the list above (1-4).
> Press Enter for default [2]: tekan enter

Please specify the port number for the Admin Web UI.
> Press ENTER for default [943]: enter

Please specify the TCP port number for the OpenVPN Daemon
> Press ENTER for default [443]: enter

Should client traffic be routed by default through the VPN?
> Press ENTER for default [yes]: enter

Should RFC1918 private subnets be accessible to clients by default?
> Press ENTER for default [yes]: enter

To initially login to the Admin Web UI, you must use a
username and password that successfully authenticate you
with the host UNIX system (you can later modify the settings
so that RADIUS or LDAP is used for authentication instead).

You can login to the Admin Web UI as ‘root’ with your existing
root password or specify a different user account to use for this
purpose. If you choose to use a non-root account, you can create
a new user account or specify an existing user account.

Do you wish to login as ‘root’?
> Press ENTER for default [yes]: enter

> Please specify your OpenVPN-AS license key (or leave blank to specify later): enter, untuk defaultnya diberikan gratis untuk 2 user.

sekarang login melalui :

https://[ip atau domain]:943/admin


username dan passwordnya sesuai dengan akses root anda.

Setelah semua berjalan dengan lancar download OpenVPN Access Client di

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