Step by Step How To Install Debian 6

Before start this instalation download iso/image Debian 6 from or any mirror site which closest to your location. Burn that iso to usb or CD/DVD-ROM, then setting BIOS to boot first from CD/DVD-ROM or USB, depend on which one you use. After boot your screen will look like picture below,

how to setup debian 6 part 1
debian startup

Just hit enter, and now choose your language, on this tutorial I’ll choose English language.
how to setup debian 6 part 2
Select language

Hit enter, choose your location
how to setup debian 6 part 3
select location

how to setup debian 6 part 3 - b

pilih indonesia
pilih indonesia

enter, and the default use en_US (for most of user), and just hit enter again
how to setup debian 6 - configure locale
on key map to use, just hit enter again
key map to use
for a moment (depent on your system) debian will load some package
additional setup
on next screen type single word as hostname, for example privateserver
setting hostname
next, we’ll setup domain name for our box, for example
setting domain name
now input password for root account, recommended use mix of character, symbol, and number, minimun lenght of password is 6 character
enter root password
retype root password
retype root password
Time for create new user account, enter your Full name


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